Saturday, February 5, 2011

Looking up into the canopy of a Sitka spruce, the upper branches covered in a fringe of Licorice Ferns, lichens and mosses. Perfect nesting spots for the endangered Marbled Murrelet, only found in old growth coastal rainforest. Thanks to Rob for the photo

Large Sitka spruce in the Walbran Valley. The Carmanah, the next valley north has the tallest tree in Canada, a spruce measuring over 311 feet (95 meters) high. There are lots over 250 feet in the Walbran. Thanks to rob for the photo

Looking up the Walbran Creek from the bridge, towards where the west Walbran creek joins. Thanks to Rob for the photo

'Stop Clear cuts' carved into the bridge across the Walbran creek, looking a bit weathered after almost twenty years of some of the wettest weather in the world. The coastal rain forest gets over 12 feet of rainfall annually. Thanks to Rob for the photo