Monday, November 16, 2009

Road blockade, Walbran valley August 1991;
Dont have any information on this one, if anyone has any info on this picture let me know, thanks

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Graffiti on the bridge over the walbran creek. 1991;
The story goes that it was painted at night while an unsuspecting secruity guard walked back and forth on the bridge. The graffitist had to inch out on the lip of the girder unroped thirty feet above the rocks. Its still there just a bit faded. thanks to jason for the picture

Friday, August 21, 2009

'The Road Stops Here', the 1991 documentry on the Walbran Valley blockade made by Heather Frise and Velcrow Ripper.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is'nt the same bloackade from below. Its the first of two cantilever blockades, the most sucessfuly structures we used, they held up logging most of a day. The log is counterweighted by a vw van filled with rocks, donated of course. thanks to mac and to jason millar for the photo

The cantilevered log blockade, one end is weighted down by an old van put to good use and the other end with a platform and protester suspended over a cliff. Check out the photo above.There are some better photos of this which im trying to track down. Thanks to Jason miller for the photo

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The many blockades over the summers of 1991-93 brought those attempting to stop road building and logging and those who made their living working for the corporations. It was a pretty antagonistic relationship, how could it not be, but it was a failure in those years that our two differing worlds couldnt find more things in common. In the summer of '92' Rhada Bhatt a member of the Chipko forest defenders in India visited the Walbran. She commented that we needed a peoples movement and not just an activist movement, that all of us have to be involved in protecting the forest. Thanks to jason millar for the photo.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A mix of opinions on the bridge beside where the blockade started. And there was also the name of the american environmental group Earth First! and the loggers would add ' we'll log the others later'. A bit more witty than these! Thanks to jason millar for the photo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even in August you could probably die of hypothermia in the rain forest! Amanda, Rolly and Maggie at the relocated camp Walbran Valley protest camp, August 1991.
A few days later and it becomes just another loggging road opening up the forest to the loggers. Not stopping this was a blow to us all but our efforts at saving the Walbran carried on. August 1991

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The weather turns rainy and the heavy machinary moves in, the wild forest waits in front of it. The camp now was moved due to police injunctions and regrouped to attempt to block other roads, Haddon main and spur roads that lead to individaul cut blocks. thanks to sylthia and randy cummins. August 1991.

Picture of part of the camp with the stump of the big snag. Our dream that 'the road stops here' was on the ground. The story goes that the evening before an unidentified man arrived in the camp with a pickup truck with 46 cases of beer in the back and said that this is a 'donation to the cause'. In a camp where stress was high and the weather hot, a large part of the protesters preceded to get a bit drunk and stay up late. Early that morning the police and loggers turned up and caught the camp off guard and hung over. Thanks to sylthia and randy Cummins for the photo

The end of 'Glad lake main', late July 1991, various tree sits where put up in the forest in the background that slowed road building. Thanks to sylthia and randy Cummins for the photo.

Bill, Jeff, Rolly, where is he now! This is before he acquired his other alias. thanks to sylthia and randy cummins for photo.

The second tree sit that was further back in the forest from the one that was right at the end of the road. Note the handy white bucket close to hand. thanks to sylthia and randy Cummins for the photo.

View across bridge to the snag at the end of the road and then the bottom picture is it cut and the loggers falling trees for the road. thanks to sylthia and randy Cummins for the photo.
26th july 1991;
"This was the day of our first protest and we were just watching when the nice r.c.m.p man said to me 'youve got 10 seconds to get your fucking ass out of here or youll fucking well be under arrest'. " thanks to sylthia and randy Cummins. Does anyone know the names of any of these people from this picture, the guy in the red jacket was some kind of baliff and would serve injunctions, i remember his nickname 'the weasel'. the guy with the blue jacket and beard i think is Greg!
August 5th 1991
Protest camp on road by the bridge. " First aid tent (orange tarp) stuck just far enougth out so that they could almost get by. Slowed their big machine down and then it was no more mr nice guy and it it was ripped down to the ground". thanks to sylthia and randy Cummins.
The Road Stops Here!
Photo taken by Jon from the 'snag' platform that blocked the road after it crossed the Walbran creek, end of july 1991,thanks to syltha cummins

Friday, March 20, 2009

First days

First days of the blockade, late july! 1991. before the road block was slowly pushed further and further backwards. Velcrow Ripper with camera filming, Faith Macfarland sitting, she was later one of the first people to be arrested in the blockades.The white vehicle to the left is an immoblie Fletcher Challange logging truck.