Sunday, April 11, 2010

A few kilometres downstream from Anderson is Foetus lake, a difficult place to hike too but beautiful. again there trees around there are huge. We made it there one summer, the lake was filled with lily pads and the air with dragon flies. Thanks to philip hoen for the photo

An ariel view of Anderson Lake, the spruce and cedar trees there are so huge it makes the lake look small. There is also extensive flood plains around the lake which has caused problems for people camping. The haddon main line was heading towards this before it was stopped. Thanks to philip hoen for the photo.

One of the first kitchens at the blockade just across the bridge and beside the walbran creek. It had to be moved as the creek rose in some heavy summer rain and nearly washed it all away. The organisational structure of the direct action camp was in-powering it was very 'do-it-youself' or ' do-ito-ourselves'. To quote anarchist author Colin Ward " They organise in loosely associated groups which are voluntary, functional, temporary and small. They depend, not on membership cards, votes, a special leadership and a herd of inactive follwers but on small, functional groups which ebb and flow and regroup, according to the task in hand.They are networks, not pyramids". Thanks to Phillip Hoen for the photo
Another view of the log over the cliff blockade. If the log had been just a bit longer it would have been out of reach of the police. Thanks to phillip hoen for the photo.