The main consensus that came out of the 2011 reunion was that we have to become more involved in keeping an eye on the valley. That we could see that the logging companies are actively working right up to the park boundaries and that we need to be aware of their future logging plans. That we need to be proactive and work to strengthen the park boundaries and to have included into the park the 'bite' that removed from any protection the heart of the Walbran.The areas which include around the bridge where the road ends, Fletcher Falls and the start of the board walk trails to 'Castle Grove', 'Maxinines tree' and Anderson lake. And all that beautiful lowland old growth rainforest, part of the last 2% that is still unprotected.
        B.C Parks also recognize the importance for these areas in their 2003 report 'Purpose Statement and Zoning Plan' it states that they should ' Work with MOF and Timberwest in Fletcher Falls and “bite” area to resolve management issues arising from blow down and access development in the area'. And that they should be aware of  'Potential adverse effects of logging adjacent to the park boundary especially in the vicinity of the“low-intensity area” in the mid-Walbran watershed'. Looks like there is also a fair bit of consensus between the Provincial Parks and the Walbran reunion.